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Mar 19, 2013 3:00am PDT
model would come from craigslist or google. competitors that take away the customers come from the more unprobable and unexpected places and it's important to have peripheral vision while being good and highly specialized at what you do. >> i hope that the end of power does not apply to the heads of research. why don't you say something about what it means for the state of the world. is the message of your book that we are more likely than not to enter an era of greater disorder or chaos. the sources of power won't work. >> right. that's a great question. what is happening here, there is a lot to celebrate about this. many good things. more competition and tyrants have a harder time with power and monopolies are also have a hard time. there more opportunities for consumers and voters and activists. there is a lot of good things that come from the dedication of power. there is a downside. the greed with governments and inability to make decisions in a time leeway. the need to find the common denominator. to block and veto and undermine and no one has enough power. that create creates a v
Mar 21, 2013 3:00am PDT
.c. arguing google and microsoft having a hard time finding qualified workers because of visa restrictions. >>> the "los angeles times," jeff basa has recovered some of the f-1 engines to bring "apollo" to the moon. he recovered them after three weeks at sea working miles below the atlantic ocean. >> obviously, that is great news. >> yeah. >> like an explorer. >> the baton rouge advocate has nothing about chasing down rocket engines from 1969. the library of congress sound of satellite news center by simon and garfunkel and the twist by chubby checker. you are my sunshine by jimmy davis. it was chosen on local and artistic importance. >> workers must report their weight and body fat or face 600 dollars in terms of health insurance premiums. >> let's go to happier news. did you see this, mike? >> i'm not sure that's fair. >> how about that? so "the tonight show" is coming to new york city. >> coming home. >> it is coming home. jimmy fallon is going to be taking over. >> they are building a larger studio firm upstairs in the studio that johnny carson performed in and the great steve allen. >
Mar 25, 2013 3:00am PDT
is aggravate stories oh. all we do is go to google and we write "shooting." and we come up with the previous day's shootings. and we publish maybe ten of them. every single day, every day, there's a 5-year-old who finds a shotgun under the bed and shoots his younger brother. all right? the thing about the ramifications of that -- and one brother dead, the parents have to be guilty for the rest of their life. how did the 5-year-old think about this when he's 30? and by the way, part of the problem here, if that's not criminal endangerment, i don't know what is. but nobody is prosecuted because everybody feels so bad about this family tragedy. >> and think about newtown. the mother, knowing her son was a little angry and whatever, buys the guns, palm prints to her hand, not to his, he can steal the gun but not fire it. >> you would -- i can't think of anything that would have a larger impact -- this would be much, much bigger than an assault weapon ban. much bigger. >> yeah, i agree. >> and so congressman tyranny, john tyranny of massachusetts is about to introduce a bill. the silicon valley g
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3